It all started with lovely imaginations, just the way I think about Jesus and his love for me even without seeing him yet. One thing was certain which is the fact that I feel something so great sort of intimacy between you and I.

I never knew it was love until I started thinking of you and smiling sheepishly, I couldn’t get you out of my mind and I am always in awe when I look at the way you love God and honour Men. Whenever you come around I couldn’t bear to hold your gaze. It shocks me how you were willing to dedicate your all for me and also willing to die for me. Just the way Jesus was willing to die for me, he was persecuted, tortured and nailed to the cross for my sin which he didn’t commit.

Eachtime I see the goodness,gift and potentials God has given to you, I always wonder how God took his time in creating you. You are a rare gem, an identity who carries the holy image of God. You exhibit special characters of God in you, so special a creature!!.

You are indeed the crown the Lord has given to me. Your royalty has made you an epitome of calmness like a Prince charming you are so loving, I have never seen anyone so understanding of the basics of genuine love like you before. I believe this is due to your love for God, he has transformed you to look like the image of our King Jesus…..

I became childlike, staying alone in the darkest hour of the night, speaking with you without you being there, wishing you were in my presence for us to have good discussion. Each time I do this, the thought of the Holy spirit will always come to my mind. How we talk, how I express my heart to him, days I cry my self out to him without being ashamed of my self. I most times smile when this thought run through my mind.

When will I have to see your face,hold thy hands and walk side by side with you? When will all of these imaginations become reality?


SMILE: My Smile, Your Smile

Smile is a facial expression comprised by flexing the muscles of both ends of one’s mouth, often showing the front teeth. It is also a common involuntary or voluntary expression of happiness, pleasure, amusement or anxiety.


When I was a bit younger I have always wanted to smile but it usually don’t turn out looking beautiful on me, I condemn my self so much that I decided not to smile again, I also condemn my set of teeth looking at other people’s beautiful set of teeth I will just cover my mouth because mine was not just looking beautiful on me. Even if I find my self smiling it will still not look honestly genuine on me because it was always forced.

I can remember my English teacher back then in Government model college Ikorodu who asked me if I ever usually smile when she cracked a joke in the class and everybody was laughing and smiling but my facial expression didn’t change a bit and I told her that what she said wasn’t funny at all. Trust me it was that serious, I think God also punished me for not appreciating what he gave me by allowing me break one of my front tooth, there and then I knew I was in for serious Wahala.

January 7, 2017 I fell down and broke my front tooth, truth be told it was really bad for me that I don’t even always want to open my mouth to talk not to talk of smiling but I met someone who appreciated my smile one day and it changed everything about me, you can also be the reason for a change in someone’s life today by telling them about how beautiful they are and how beautiful their smile is. Right now my smile has become something I always want to do when I am happy and even when I am not. Whenever I look in the mirror I see how beautifully made I am even when I have no reason to smile looking at my self in the mirror gives me reasons to smile, thank God for also always giving me reasons to smile too.


I want you to know you have a beautiful smile, if no one has ever told you I am telling you today that you have a beautiful smile. Flaunt it, let the world see it, heal someone today with your smile. Scriptures says we are wonderful made so your smile is also wonderful. Don’t let anything stop you from smiling cross the bridge today from frowning to smiling. Let’s smile! let’s spread love! let’s cross the bridge! #wordpromt you do not know who you are affecting with your smile. 😊🤗😊😊😊😊

FEYIN È!!!! RERIN!!!!! 💥😂😊🤗😊🤗🤗🤗🤗


Do you spend so much time trying to be more physically attractive in order to just impress human generally, rather than making yourself better in Certain Areas of your life like Mentally, Spiritually, how you relate with Man and even Financially.

It shouldn’t be!!!!!!

So many people are mentally not attractive why? They do not feed their Mental health well with Something good. Engage in things that will bring out the very best out of you cause you deserve the best.

Imagine the Holy spirit being that guy that you love so much, why not try your best to be attractive to him by living right. There are so many things you can do to be attractive out of which is living a holy life, being humble cause Holy spirit can’t stay where pride resides, study the word and pray. I heard communication helps relationship! Prayer helps communion with the Holy spirit and birth effective relationship!

Try as much as possible to be attractive financially. Find something doing, don’t be Idle. Start that little thing now!!! It might not look like it now but with time it will grow. Dear Legitimate entrepreneurs, you cannot BLOW! We are not yahoo boys We GROW! You have to take one business and scale the hell out of it slowly and steadily. That is what Attractiveness means.

Make sure you live a unique lifestyle, let there be newness in all you do. People are expecting much from you, you can’t afford to let them down. Don’t be humble to only people who are above you all because they have what you don’t have yet, that is not humility it is living in pretence because once you get that thing you are looking up to, you won’t be humble to those people again you will start aiming higher. Humility comes Natural. Respect everybody, be humble to everybody both young and old, learn to give more than you receive, from that little that you have, give out. Smile more, stop frowning that face like someone carrying all the burden of the whole world.



Failure and success is as a result of work being done. It is the end result that differentiate both. No one has ever thought of failing at anything in Life but circumstance and mistake may warrant failure.

What is failure? This is a state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective.


1. Failure before the End point.

2. Failure After the End point.

The former is when there is still time for Amendment before the certain said time elapses for whatever that needs to be done, while the later is when the said time has elapsed already. No room for Amendment only for the person to start afresh.

The story of three friends on a race. Joan, Janet and Juliet.

These three were all on a 1000metre race for 30 minute but along the line Joan fell but didn’t get up thinking she had failed but there was still enough time for her but she refused to stand up. Janet and Juliet continued 15minute to the End point Janet fell down but she managed to get up and continued even in pain because she was determined to get to the Endpoint before the time elapses. Juliet on the other hand who had a smooth journey all through couldn’t get to the end point why? Because she loosed focus thinking she had enough time and nobody was ahead of her until she fell and Janet took over, she couldn’t meet up again because the said times had elapsed.

We can see the story of the 3 friends on a race, one fell and couldn’t continue even to the fact that there was still enough time. Another fell but didn’t stop and wasn’t discouraged but continued. The last one fell as a result of distraction,lack of focus before she knew it there wasn’t enough time to keep moving. The first two fell in the first category (failure before the End point) but only one utilised it well while the last person fell in the second category (failure after the End point).

What stage do you fall in? Check your life, at what point do you think you are failing and what is the cause? No matter how great your fall is don’t be discouraged, you can still make it like Janet, push on!!!!! Success is judged by what is finished not by how well you started or by what is started.

The journey may not seem smooth but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t believe in the adage that says if you don’t succeed try something else, that which you started complete it that is true success.

Determination goes a long way. We may fail but we won’t stop moving, that is the true reality of success. A successful person is not someone who is afraid to fail but someone who has failed but came out strong. Be happy when you fail cause it is an avenue to restrategise don’t be scared to fail, be an expectant of failure. With this we can move mountain!!!.

In conclusion when you have a genuine relationship with God he will be on our side at all time, in reality greatness escapes us whenever we decided to do our own thing.

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What is Relationship? This is the way two or more people are connected or things are connected.

When two people meet there are different stages they pass through and that is what we are about to talk about.

Stage 1:- INITIATING: This means to start or introduce, it involves the initial making of contact with the other person. “Hi, how are you doing?”. “Nice to meet you”. Etc.

Stage 2:- EXPERIMENTING: This means to validate or ascertain, it is the stage of further acquaintances or intimacy getting more into conversation. “Where are you from?”. “Where are you living”. Etc.

Stage 3:- INTENSIFYING: Interpersonal relationship begins to develop at this stage. Expression of feelings towards the other becomes more common and pronounced.

Stage 4:- INTEGRATING: This means to sum up.. Many things are done at this stage in common and “I” turns to “WE” and “HIM or HER” turns to “US” while Mine turns to “OURS”. They begin to feel So much a part of each other.

Stage 5:- BONDING: This means Emotional link or physical connection. A stage where the parties make the symbolic public gestures to show the existence of their relation.

Stage 6:- DIFFERENTIATING: This is where they begin to pick out the Dos and Don’ts in each other. This is experienced when the initial inevitable stress comes in into relationships; a point where hold-me-tight Orientation changes to put-me-down messages from both ends.

Stage 7:- CIRCUMSCRIBING: This means to limit. Restriction and restrains characterizes this stage and dynamic communication becomes static. Rather than discuss a disagreement members opt for withdrawal.

Stage 8:- STAGNATING: This means lacking freshness, progress or something motionless. If this stage progresses further the former feeling that accompanied the relationship will be lost. The relationship will become the shadow of its former self.

Stage 9:- AVOIDING:- They begin to keep away,Abstain or withdraw from each other. This involves creation of distance and trying with all excuses for separation.

Stage 10:- TERMINATING: This marks the end of it all. It is characterized by summary of the affair and the desire to dissociate.

After all of this I am sure we must be thinking of how to make amendments for our relationship with our friends,spouse or family members not to become a shadow of its former self. Then, there is one more stage.

Stage 11:- IMPROVING: This also means to Enhance,Ameliorate Or to make something productive one out of many ways we can make it work is through effective Commnuication in a way that makes things better.

I am Hadassah, I have gone through the stages and I am saying the only way of improving our relationship with people is by putting what God is saying first. The question is what is your relationship with God like? For you to have a good relationship with God you can’t have issues relating with Man. How best do you even communicate with Abba? Yes Communication Ameliorates Relationship but God tells us the way out in times of crisis.

In conclusion get closer to God,know him more cause he loves you.

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Our Lifestyle!

I heard smart money women and men aren’t real but don’t you think people who work hard for their money and get true result truly exist or you are just over emphasizing things because of those who are living a live of pretence hmmmm OUR LIFESTYLE INDEED!

Everybody packaging what hasnt been packaged yet, we all trying to fit in that very big shoe that hasn’t sized us. What a life!!! Looking rich, and in reality they are all broke with no asset. The social media is now a place to impress and not a place to express that which you think others can benefit from. Thought it was a place of getting to connect with loved ones but nah it is now a place causing even more distance among loved ones. The word OPPRESSION has now become our daily bread. hmmmm OUR LIFESTYLE!!!

Our friendship with people is just for pretence and not more legitimate. We call people friends but are they truly our friends? Girls friendships all about men and partying No notable talk about Christ,investing or self improvement. This script we are all writing is actually FANTASTIC.

Guys calling each other boss to avoid billing cause they all have responsibility to carry. No one wants to show you the way cause we all want to succeed at all cost. No one cares whether those around him/her are living or surviving. Is this how we want to continue OUR LIFESTYLE?

Vanity upon Vanity when are we to wake up to reality of life itself, seek God and live right.


What causes uneasiness in life? Why are people not cautious and careful in life anymore before making decisions? Why are people always in haste?

These are People’s opinion on the subject matter

I conclude by saying get closer to God. He is our sole director, ask for the help of the holy spirit, he is the one doing the work of this present dispensation.

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Never be a slave or see the need of trying to explain your self to people. No one is worth doing that for, you are far too valuable to explain your self to anyone who doesn’t want to appreciate you,there are thousands and maybe millions of people who you don’t know, waiting to listen to your message like what am doing presently so why are you focused on those that choose not to listen or form things up in their head? I don’t know who needs this but my dear be your self Hadassah loves you

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